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Representing You

The BID sits on a great number of advisory groups and operational committees to ensure the local voice is always heard where it matters as well as consulting on and responding to all relevant consultations put out by government or public bodies. Without your input and involvement in our meetings, events, questionnaires and sessions, we would not be able to participate fully in representing our BID members and their interests. Your views need to be heard, and we welcome your input, so we provide a forum for businesses to raise and discuss issues or concerns and we are continuously lobbying on your behalf.




How do we represent you and where do we represent you?

Well, to the Police, local and national government, as a starting point. But we also partner with leading organisations around London, Paddington and the world to bring forward ideas, innovations, funding opportunities, improvements, and where necessary we put pressure on both local and national government to hear the voice of our local businesses.

The BID continues to represent the BID members through the following:

  • Westminster BIDs
  • Mayors Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC)
  • Transport for London
  • Crossrail Paddington Community Liaison Panel
  • Crossrail Business Liaison Panel
  • Safer London
  • Hyde Park Paddington Forum
  • Cross River Partnership
  • Greater London Authority
  • London & Partners
  • London Councils
  • London Businesses Against Crime

Some of the organisations in which we participate, correlate to the interests of our businesses. We collaborate with neighbouring and city wide Business Improvement Districts, to understand trends, share best practice and learn about new opportunities and projects.

For a Safer Paddington, we sit on the Paddington Counter Terrorism & Business Security Zone, as well as running the local PubWatch meetings, but we also participate in Police briefings, conferences and connect with related security associations.

In Looking Good, Feeling Good, we participate in Cross River Partnerships Greening the BIDs, which aims to include green infrastructure in the city through BID participation and the Cleaner Air Better Business programme, which collaborates on projects to improve air quality.

With Saving you Money, currently our main representation is to local government on waste management and recycling initiatives, but also in Cross River Partnerships programmes which focus on this topic.

Putting Paddington On the Map, means we partner with many local organisations, from charities, partnerships and residents associations, to estate management teams and local press outlets, as well as those on social media.

Your input is essential, so please do keep talking to us and sharing your feedback.