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It is our aim of attaining zero to landfill and being a leading example of how effective it can be to run a business, no matter the size, that is both profitable and environmentally aware.  Together we can cut costs and we are always on the lookout for new ways for businesses to make savings.


The BID introduced a FREE recycling service in January 2007 for all of our member businesses. It was the first BID in the country to do so and we have continued to improve the service over the years to make it more comprehensive. The scheme offers collection of commercial dry mixed recycling, cardboard and food, all free of charge.

In June 2018 the scheme was renewed and updated to include a major focus on food recycling. 1.7m tonnes of food is dumped annually in the UK releasing harmful methane gas into the environment. PaddingtonNow will be subsidising food recycling services for the environmentally-minded businesses in the BID area, turning food waste into clean energy and fertiliser via anaerobic digestion, increasing their 86% recycling rate even further. PaddingtonNow BID is also piloting new technologies to reduce contamination of recycling and measure the air quality impact of using one round to collect all waste.

To sign up for PBID’s recycling services, or to request more bags and tape please call First Mile on 0800 612 9894, stating that you are a member of Paddington BID.

Download the guide to recycling through PaddingtonNow

Our regular collection times for mixed dry recycling bags and food waste bags is Monday to Sunday:

Learn more about how your business can recycle more, or better, please get in touch with the operations team, who can arrange a visit to determine your requirements and arrange for our contractors to supply you with a quote specific to your business and its needs.  Email on askus@paddingtonnow.co.uk or phone on 0203 145 1212.