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Putting Paddington On The Map

We think Paddington is a great place to do business, live and visit and are proud to share what makes it a great place.

In order to promote Paddington as a place of interest to locals and visitors alike we aim to engage people in various ways to use different initiatives to raise awareness of what Paddington has to offer, as well as to increase footfall to the area. To attract varied demographics and reach a substantial catchment area, we have employed three different, yet interdependent forms of marketing to promote the area and its events – physical, print and digital. To maximize awareness, efforts and reach, the three forms of marketing are able to support one another, as well as maintain relevance and effectiveness when executed singularly.

Our most impactful initiative is a summer events series based in Norfolk Square Gardens. This physical form of marketing reflects Paddington’s identity as a place of heritage, diversity and progression by intentionally featuring a range of events that mixes free and paid cross cultural family friend and age appropriate entertainment. By catering to many, we are inclusive of the surrounding residents, as well as visitors to the area with the purpose of reaching a varied audience. Most recently we have held a music festival series called Paddington Covers, for more information click here.

Since 2014, we have produced the Explore Paddington magazine, the essential guide to the area for visitors, residents and workers, highlighting local happenings, the latest openings and other activities in the area. It sets the scene, celebrating all that the area has to offer, from its restaurants to its parks and famous residents. With a distribution of 20,000 the magazine has been produced twice a year with an Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer edition. In the new BID term starting April 1, 2018 we will be increasing to 3 editions a year in order to keep the magazines up to date and relevant.

With digital marketing increasingly becoming the preferred news and entertainment source, we continue to enhance and improve our already very active social media presence. We have an audience of approximately 10,000 followers and counting through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.

Local community and visitor information, listings and articles promoting the area can be found on www.thisispaddington.com, a collaboration between the BID and its local partner, The Paddington Partnership with the aim of highlighting Paddington as an attractive place to live, work and visit.

We also provide our members, both office occupiers and tourist related businesses, with a selection of free way-finding maps, as pictured below, and free maps of local walks, which help encourage people to explore the hidden gems in and around Paddington.

You can view previous editions and download a pdf of the previous PaddingtonNow magazine here:

Spring/Summer 2019
Autumn Winter 2019
Spring Summer 2018 
Autumn Winter 2018
Spring Summer 2017
Autumn Winter 2017
We also work to promote the area through requests for interviews, filming, newsletters and through our social media channels across Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Youtube. For later editions of the magazine, please link through to Explore Paddington Magazine section on the This is Paddington website.

To celebrate the launch of The Paddington Bear Movie and Paddington 2, we partnered with The Paddington PartnershipLondonist, Paddington at Paddington Station TM (The Paddington Bear Shop) and Studio Canal S.A.  to deliver a series of local walks, art trails and maps of the area, which help people discover the hidden gems in and around Paddington. Our contribution to this project was to sponsor Paddingtonscape Bear which is a part of the Pawprint Trail and the Public Art Trail, as well as to share the information about these trails to help people become more familiar with the beauty on our door step.