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On Thursday 21 October, the BID held an open security meet in Norfolk Square Gardens. The Metropolitan Police team and CST were on hand to take questions from the public, hand out security flyers and offer free security alarms to BID members. Read more. 

On Monday 20 September, we held the PaddingtonNow BID Annual General Meeting. Bruce Brately, Founder and CEO of First Mile gave a speech entitled ‘Can recycling save the planet?’. Click here for photo gallery.

On Friday 20 August, The Mississippi Swamp Dogs, a New Orleans Brass band took Paddington workers, visitors and residents across the world to Mardi Gras in the American South for their lunch break. Check out the images here. 

On Friday 31 July, we welcomed a Caribbean Calypso band to Norfolk Square gardens for some lunchtime entertainment. The rain didn’t stop any of the fun. Check out some of the images here. 

In mid June a special Food and Drink version of Explore Paddington was made available online and hard copies distributed in late June. Read the first of its kind online here. 

As part of the BID’s wellbeing drive to provide a safe and welcoming environment for people to return to after the pandemic, the BID in partnership with Inhabit Hotel Paddington and Live Karma Yoga,  put on three monthly meditation sessions to help ease people back in to returning to work after lockdown. Read more. 

On Friday 25 June, we held our first holiday at home picnic lunch. Mariachi music by Mariachi Rey took attendees across oceans and gave them a little bit of the holiday spirit over their lunch break. Check out the Facebook gallery here.

In June the BID revealed a show piece garden in Norfolk Square Gardens. The topiary butterflies will not only improve biodiversity and air quality in the area but also attract more people to the square to relax and enjoy events. Read more. 

Starting in June and running through to September the BID held its popular outdoor yoga sessions in Norfolk Square Gardens in partnership with Live Karma Yoga. Read more. 

Monthly meditations are part of the BIDs wellbeing drive and take place once a month. The sessions are to help people deal with anxiety around returning to the area for work. Read more. 

In March, the BID held a online wellbeing event in partnership with the NHS Trust. The session taught the basics of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and how this can be used to combat anxiety around the Coronavirus pandemic.

In March, the BID delivered Thank you St. Mary’s Hospital stickers to all the businesses along Praed Street. Read more. 


In September 2020, the BID won a gold award at the desktop judged version of the much loved London in Bloom competition. The BID area looked beautiful despite premises being locked up due to Coronavirus. Read more.

On the 14 September, in response to feedback from businesses in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, PaddingtonNow BID Board of Directors voted to write off three months of the annual BID Levy covering April, May and June 2020 to help our BID members through a difficult time. Read more.

Yoga in the Square started up again in September 2020 after being cancelled in June, July and August due to Coronavirus safety measures. The well attended event took place every Tuesday throughout September bringing yoga enthusiasts to Paddington from all corners of London.

Explore Paddington Magazine was released at the end of August 2020, adapted and improved to suit the post Coronavirus pandemic lockdown scene or alfresco activities including dining out, and following art trails.

As the UK started to reopen the BID created a Back to Business web page to help guide businesses through the government advice and restrictions in regards to opening safely. Read more

In lockdown, the BID worked closely with Westminster, TfL, the Mayors Office, BIDs and other key stakeholders to widened pavements in the area to provide more space for hospitality businesses that could provide out door seating for dining outside. Walking and cycling routes were also defined and promoted as well as social distancing signage added to the area.

During lockdown the BID campaign the BID has supported the Eat Out to Help Out, Sight See Crowd Free, Because I’m a Londoner, Raise the Bar and National Time Out campaigns to help attract more people back in to London or to seek additional relief for our businesses.

On March 23, 2020 the UK went in to Lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic. All but essential shops could remain open. In order to help businesses navigate their way through this difficult time the BID created the Cornavirus Hub. A webpage that businesses could go to find out about schemes such as furlough, business loans, social distancing rules and regulations and much more.

On 3 March 2020, the BID held a Managing Stress and Worry Workshop at WeWork on Eastbourne Terrace. The event was attended at full capacity and received excellent feedback.  Read more.

In March 2020, the BID distributed the 2019-2020 Billing Leaflet. The annual leaflet highlights some of the BID’s achievements in the last year and outlines plans for the financial year ahead. Read more.

In February 2020, the BID produced ‘A Pocket Guide to Staying Safe in London’. The small guide was designed for BID businesses to be able to hand out to clients living, visiting or working in the area. Read more. 

In January 2020, PaddingtonNow BID was announced as a Britain in Bloom finalist and asked to represent London in the 2020 RHS competition. Read more.


Back by popular demand, Kay Buxton, Chief Executive of The Paddington Partnership, Executive Chair of PaddingtonNow BID and expert in the field gave an overview of the latest development plans and proposals in the area at a Whistlestop Tour of Paddington 2019 Networking event.

On the 13 November, the BID ran an ACT Counter Terrorism Training at the Fountains Abbey Pub. PC Andy Kinsey, Metropolitan Police, delivered a highly educational presentation on how to identify and respond to terrorist activity. Over 40 people attended the training, including a mix of hotels, pubs and local retail businesses. Find out more about the training here. 

On the 5 November, the BID held an event at WeWork on Eastbourne Terrace. The NHS Foundation Trust gave an introduction in to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and how it can help those working and living in Paddington during stressful times. Read more. 

On Wednesday 25 October, the BID partnered with the Central and North West London NHS Foundation to put on a Mindfulness workshop aimed at HR managers, employers and employees living and working in Paddington. Read more. 

On Friday 20 September, PaddingtonNow BID was awarded Gold and Best in Category at this year’s London in Bloom awards ceremony. They were the only BID in 2019 to be awarded Gold. Read more. 

On Tuesday 9 July, Catherine Mitten, Executive Director, The BID Foundation gave an insight in to the latest trends and issues facing UK BID’s in a speech entitled ‘ A State of the Art Review of BID’s’. Read more.

The 2019 AGM was held on Tuesday 9 July at the Hilton London Paddington. Vaughan Smith, BID Chairman since April 2016 handed the baton to another pillar of Paddington society, Will Clayton, Cork and Bottle. Vaughan was elected in as BID Vice Chair. Catherine Hinds replaced Emma Baker from Landsec as a board member. Read more.

On Monday 8 July, Paddington went head to head with other BID’s in London in a race for the coveted Gold and Best in Category Awards. London in Bloom Judge, Richard Gentry, Winner’s will be announced in September. Read more.

The first Paddington Covers of the year took place on Friday 28 June. 2700 people, a record number for June, came to enjoy live music tributes for Stevie Wonder, Bon Jovi, Madonna and the Rolling Stones. Food, stilt walkers, face painting and balloons also kept the crowds entertained. Check out out Facebook gallery here. 

On Tuesday 2 April, the BID held a free workshop on Managing Stress at Work at the Shakespeare Hotel in Norfolk Square Gardens. The workshop was held in Partnership with North West London NHS Foundation Trust and focused on using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to reduce symptoms of stress. Read more. 

The Spring/Summer edition of Explore Paddington Magazine was released in early April, with 30,000 copies printed destined for a wider distribution and Heathrow Express trains. Check out the latest edition here. 

On Wednesday 20 March, the BID held an awards ceremony to highlight the efforts made by Paddington businesses in the 2018 London and Britain in Bloom competitions. The ceremony took place after keynote speaker Mark Wasilewski inspired attendees with his knowledge on the influence that flowers and greenery can have on business, peoples perceptions, well being and attracting footfall. The coveted Alan Davidson Award for Outstanding Contribution to Paddington in Bloom was awarded to the Pride of Paddington Pub for their amazing floral frontage. Read more. 

In February 2019, the BID distributed the 2019-2020 Billing Leaflet. The annual leaflet highlights some of the BID’s achievements in the last year and outlines plans for the financial year ahead. Read more. 

In January 2019, the BID in partnership with Considerate announced that 8 Hotels within the BID  area were selected to take part in the Paddington Air Quality Project. Read more. 


Businesses were given a window in to the future of Paddington on Wednesday 21 November.  Kay Buxton, Chief Executive of The Paddington Partnership gave a whistle stop tour of current and future developments in the area. She was joined by Andrew Scrivener, Managing Director of European Land who updated attendees on the next phases to Merchant Square. Read more. 

On Wednesday 17 October, the BID invited small and medium sized business managers to meet the Citizens Advice Bureau Westminster for a briefing session at Lite Bite Cafe Bar on London Street. Managers were made aware of the free, independent and impartial advice that is on offer in regards to managing staff through a range of personal problems such as debt, illness, housing issues, immigration and many more. Read more.

Paddington received nationwide recognition for its efforts to put ‘more flowers everywhere’ after a consultation with BID members in 2017. Britain in Bloom, a Royal Horticultural Society led endeavor, rewarded the BID with a Silver Gilt Award for its representation of London BID’s at the October 19 awards ceremony Belfast. Read more. 

Paddington won a Gold Award at the London in Bloom Awards ceremony at Pembroke Lodge in Richmond on Thursday 20 September. As one of nine entries in the Business Improvement District category, Paddington was awarded Gold along with London Bridge. Seven other BIDs competed winning a Bronze, five Silvers and a Silver Gilt. Read more.

Air quality in Paddington is set for improvement thanks to the launch of a new project by PaddingtonNow BID and Considerate Hoteliers in September. The project will show Paddington businesses large and small how to make a tangible return on investment by reducing their CO2 emissions. Read more. 

Record temperatures brought in record numbers this year to Paddington Covers in Norfolk Square Gardens. With everyone looking for some outdoor fun, the atmosphere was electric at our lovely little free tribute bands festival under the trees in Paddington. Read more.

The 2018 AGM was also held on Monday 9 July at the Hilton London Paddington. Vaughan Smith, Frontline Club was re-elected as BID Chairman and Will Clayton, Pride of Paddington was elected as Vice Chairman to replace Angela Kretchmer. The board welcomed three new members, Paul Fitzgerald will replace Koolesh Shah as representative for London Town Hotels, Emma Baker will represent Landsec, replacing Harry Foster, Andrew Scrivener, Paddington Partnership and Simon Froome, Knowall IT will join the team. Read More.

Also on Monday 9 July, the BID organised a networking event called Businesses Building Communities. The Keynote Speaker was Gerard North, Head of Public Sector, JC Decaux. Read more. 

The BID commissioned Community Clean to undertake street cleansing on Praed Street for the first time. They focused on ‘grot spots’ around bins and graffiti removal. Based on the success of their work, in 2019 the BID will task them with the cleansing of larger pavement areas. Click here for photos.

On Wednesday 20 June, the BID organised a networking evening to introduce BID members and Paddington Businesses to the new Community Safety Team. The local Metropolitan Police team and Westminster City Council were also in attendance and answered questions from attendees.

Tuesday 5 June saw the beginning of our free summer yoga sessions in Norfolk Square Gardens in collaboration with Live Karma Yoga. The sessions attract all ages and abilities from tourists staying in hotels close by to NHS workers from St. Mary’s and local workers and residents. The sessions run throughout June, July and August.

In June, the BID renewed their partnership with Recycling company First Mile for a further two years until 2020. The scheme offers collection of commercial dry mixed recycling, cardboard and food, all free of charge. The new partnership has a focus on food recycling where food waste will be turned into clean energy and fertiliser via anaerobic digestion.

On Tuesday 22 May, we welcomed the BID’s new Community Safety Team.   The team of four are dedicated to patrolling the PaddingtonNow BID area 5 days a week, from Tuesday to Saturday, from 12 noon to 10pm. They have extensive security experience and 7 languages between them (English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Ukranian, Romanian and Russian). Read more.  

On Thursday 17 May, Paddington Businesses gathered on the roof terrace of 20 Eastbourne Terrace to listen to Miles Watson Smyth, Managing Director of Window Flowers, a London in Bloom judge and leader in the horticultural field. Mr Watson Smyth offered advice on how ‘greening’ a business can improve business. He offered tips on how to ‘green’ a business cheaply and with effect, also the benefits to health, well-being and the improvement to air quality inside and outside a business. Read more.

The Spring/Summer edition of Explore Paddington Magazine was released at the beginning of May, with 10,000 more copies printed and destined for Heathrow Express trains. For the first time, new visitors will have the ultimate guide to what to see and do in Paddington over the summer as soon as they arrive at the station. Read more.

On Wednesday 25 April, PaddingtonNow BID organised a networking event to introduce Paddington BID Hoteliers, concierge, guest relations and customer facing staff, to GoBoat London in partnership with The Paddington Partnership, and the Draft House Paddington. 38 people from 17 hotels in the BID area came to experience a GoBoat ride down the Grand Union Canal and sample the pizza’s, beers and excellent customer service on offer at the Draft House, a BID member and fantastic dining option in Merchant Square. Read more.

On February 5 we were delighted to announce that PaddingtonNow became a finalist in Britain’s nationwide gardening competition, Britain in Bloom. 76 community gardening groups around the country will battle it out in this Royal Horticultural Society competition. Winners will be announced at an awards ceremony in Belfast on 19 October. For more information about the competition click here.


On Monday 20 November, the BID and Paddington BID members took part in a conference organised by the Heart of London Business Alliance.  All seven Westminster BID’s attended to hear Westminster Council Leader Nikki Aitken share her long-term vision for Westminster followed by an insightful Q&A.  It was an opportunity for BID’s, Businesses and Residents to come together and voice their concerns and showed the Council’s commitment to working together to build a fairer, stronger and more cohesive Westminster.

Businesses voted resoundingly to renew PaddingtonNow BID for a fourth term, with a 92% majority by number and a 96% majority by rateable value. Turnout in the ballot was 61%. The BID will embark on its fourth term from April 1, 2018-2023. For more information about the BID’s plans click here.

The latest issue of Explore Paddington Magazine was released this October. The Autumn Winter 17/18 edition will be your go to book for activities in the colder seasons. Ice karting, virtual skiing to live opera, meeting real reindeer and learning the skill of latte art are just a few of the things Paddington has to offer. Click here to view the magazine online.

The BID Renewal Proposal was launched at an event on Wednesday 20 September at the Hilton London, Paddington. We were thrilled that so many BID members attended in show of their support. Speeches were made by Kay Buxton, PaddingtonNOW CEO, Munish Datta, Head of Facilities and Plan A, Marks and Spencers and Vaughan Smith, Frontline Club Founder and BID Chairman. Topics included the achievements of the BID, the work that still needs to be done and the importance of keeping the BID in action in light of the upcoming BID Renewal Ballot. A lively Q&A session took place after speeches followed by a networking event.

The 2017 AGM was also held on Wednesday 20 September at the Hilton London Paddington. Vaughan Smith, Frontline Club and Angela Kretchmer, BCD Travel were re-elected as BID Chairman and Vice Chairman respectively. Board members remain the same as last year with the welcome addition of Ramesh Arora, Managing Director, Shaftesbury Metropolis Hotel.

We were delighted to announce that on 22 September the BID won the Business Improvement District Award and a Gold at London in Bloom 2017, a wonderful improvement on the Silver Gilt Award it won the year before. The Judges highlighted the BID’s focus on air quality through Clean Air Action Days, it also mentioned the well maintained public garden spaces, railing planters and window boxes. A special mention was given to the community feel of the area and to local businesses for their personal efforts towards making Paddington such a horticultural and environmental success.

Paddington Covers Rock & Pop Legends festivals in May, July and August were huge successes, with just shy of 8000 people joining the party in Norfolk Square Gardens. Award winning cover artists for Adele, The Beatles, Lionel Richie, The Rolling Stones, The Spice Girls, Take That, Robbie Williams, Katy Perry, Michael Bublé, Madonna and Bon Jovi wowed crowds and had everyone dancing and singing along to some of the nations best loved and well known songs. The events attracted loyal fans from last year, Paddington locals, music fans, international tourists and children to create an exceptional day of free summer fun.

Over 100 people attended Shakespeare in the Squares outdoor production of Romeo and Juliet in July. The production endorsed by Dame Judy Dench was tailored specifically to Norfolk Square Gardens attracting new audiences seeking a one-off cultural experience. Time Out magazine listed it as one of the hottest outdoor events of the Summer.

The BID took part in National Clean Air Day in June. Team members took to the streets to ask taxi drivers not to idle and educated them on the impact that their running engines have on the environment.

The 2017 Spring/ Summer Explore Paddington Magazine hit doormats in May and was dedicated to the great outdoors, it listed a host of events from summer fêtes to a pop-up seaside in Merchant Square. As well as alfresco drinking and dining spots, the issue was packed with ways to make the most of the Grand Union Canal, whether that’s with a new floating pocket park, an eco self-drive boat or a seafood restaurant aboard a narrowboat.


In October 2016 two Facebook for Business training sessions were held to help local businesses learn how to create a social media strategy, increase leads and get more business through organic and paid advertising.

Our annual review of waste and recycling in the area, shows 143 businesses recycling through the BID, with 1,588,268 kg’s of waste successfully recycled between September 2015 and August 2016.

The BID was awarded a Silver Gilt prize in the Business Improvement District category of London in Bloom 2016.

Our three, free music festival Fridays, Paddington Covers, returned for the June, July and August, attracting thousands of people to Norfolk Square Gardens to enjoy amazing tribute acts and cover bands playing live alongside some fabulous children’s entertainers. See what fun was had here.

Norfolk Square Gardens presented the perfect, tranquil setting for a summer performance of Much Ado About Nothing in July, staged by Shakespeare in the Squares, and sponsored by PaddingtonNow.

The first edition of our new look, new name magazine Explore Paddington hit the streets in July packed full of ideas for locals and visitors, from paddle-boarding to ping pong, pilates to ponies. The summery magazine also featured the best lunch spots, business breakfast venues and even a “battle of the afternoon teas”.

Specialist training for local hoteliers on Human Trafficking was delivered by two of our Safer Neighbourhood Team officers in May. Management and frontline hotel staff learnt how to spot the signs and report them, without putting themselves in danger. This is part of a wider operation by the local BID Police Team to reduce vice, and increase awareness of the issues surrounding this practice.

In celebration of £1.5m investment in greening and environmental projects in Paddington over 11 years we entered London in Bloom for the first time in April, documenting our achievements in a new document, Greener Paddington.

As part of the Clean Air Better Business Campaign, we took part in two Clean Air Action Days in March dedicated to asking drivers not to idle across the PaddingtonNow BID area, in conjunction with other London BIDs and scientists from Kings College London. On our patch 518 drivers engaged, and 379 people pledged to not idle in the future. King’s are monitoring the results for a full scientific report and analysis, but initial indications are that our #NoIdling campaign really impacted positively on London’s air quality on those days.

Local hoteliers and restaurateurs flocked to a networking evening at the Frontline Club in March where they benefitted from a presentation and workshop about how to maximise your potential on TripAdvisor.


Costain Skanska host a special one-off presentation and tour of the Crossrail site for a small group of business owners to show the progress and scale of the project.

The winter edition of PaddingtonNow is  published, check out the new itinerary for locals and visitors, or read the feature reporting on new developments in the area.

BID Members and guests attend a presentation from London and Partners Insights Team on Tourism Trends for London, at the Frontline Club in October.

The BID’s three summer events, ‘Paddington Covers were held in Norfolk Square Gardens on the last Friday of June, July and August with an excellent response from visitors. As the gateway connecting festival-goers to the UK’s top events, Glastonbury, Somersault and Reading, Paddington will host the mini summer series on the same dates next summer as a fun and free alternative to the ‘real deal’.

Paddington celebrates the arrival of a new royal baby, Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Cambridge, born at St Mary’s Hospital on 2 May 2015.  There were almost 200 mentions of PaddingtonNow associated with Princess Charlotte’s arrival in Paddington, including standout interviews with London Live and BBC Radio London, coverage on key national websites including Mail Online, MSN, Yahoo and Huffington Post, as well as international exposure across Chinese, Japanese, Brazilian and Polish press.

The second edition of PaddingtonNow magazine is published and distributed to local businesses, residents and hotels.

Paddington’s Business Improvement District enters its tenth year of representing and working with local businesses.


The BID completes the installation of new railings and landscaping of 6-36 and 38-76 Sussex Gardens.

The BID rebrands to create a new identity, Paddington Now, unveiled in July 2014.

Globally acclaimed advertising agency adam&eveDDB host a networking session for members in July 2014.

The BID adds deckchairs and a table tennis table to complete the work to Norfolk Square Gardens in July 2014.

The Sounds and Bites Festival entertained locals and tourists with beautiful music and delicious food in August 2014.

BID members and agency partners are treated to a special viewing of Paddington’s Fan Bridge at a networking event with the team from Merchant Square in October 2014.

The BID teams up with illustrator Hannah Warren to adopt and decorate a statue of Paddington Bear, PaddingtonScape, as part of the Paddington Trail, in November 2014.

PaddingtonNow publishes its first magazine for visitors and people who live and work in the Paddington area in November 2014.

PaddingtonNow organises the installation of Paddington’s first sunken rain garden and a green wall at St Mary’s Hospital. This was done in partnership with GLA’s Greening the BIDs initiative.


Paddington BID completes a landscaping project with Westminster City Council to re-locate the park-keepers hut in Norfolk Square Gardens and replace it with a purpose-built facility in May 2013.

The BID secures a grant from Drain London of £9,000 in August 2013 to introduce measures aimed at reducing surface water flooding in Praed Street, Paddington.

Paddington BID commissions a green infrastructure audit to assess opportunities for additional greening in Paddington in November 2013.

The BID brings a planting and landscaping scheme to Conduit Place in November 2013.

With Punchdrunk the BID brings ‘The Drowned Man’ on location to Paddington Station in December 2013.


In conjunction with Westminster City Council, Paddington BID widens the London Street pavement, relights and resurfaces London Street in April 2012, ahead of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Paddington BID brings the Legible London way-finding signage system to Paddington in May 2012.

A Business Security Zone is launched in Paddington in July 2012, in conjunction with the Metropolitan Police Counter Terrorism Unit.

Paddington BID is renewed for a third term, with an 83% majority in November 2012.


Networking event for members held at Royal Park Hotel in March 2011.

London Street was closed to traffic and turned into a giant running track in July 2011 when the BID turned Paddington into our very own theme park in the Paddington Games, with football, table tennis, running, climbing, weightlifting, cricket, cycling and rowing.

A skating rink, Santa’s grotto and Christmas Market lit up Paddington in December 2011 with the BID’s three day Sparkle and Skate event.


The BID completes the landscaping of 78-106 Sussex Gardens in March 2010, cleaning the gardens, pruning trees, renovating railings and putting in new plants.

in June 2010, a community games event was held in Talbot Square Gardens by the BID

Paddington BID holds an Alteration Ballot to vary its levy rules, enabling flexibility to give discounts year on year, in July 2010.

Networking event for members held at Indigo Hotel in July 2010.

The BID brought the seaside to Paddington in August 2010, organising a grand Beach Party in Norfolk Square Gardens, with a giant beach, donkey rides, helter skelter, Punch and Judy, music and of course candyfloss.

Networking event held for members at Heavenly Spa in November 2010.

Paddington BID brings the first ever Christmas Market to Norfolk Square Gardens in December 2010, with five days of delightful food and gifts, and even a special VIP in Paddington Bear himself to switch on the Christmas lights.


Paddington BID launches its radio scheme connecting businesses with the Community Safety Team and Westminster’s Control Centre, in January 2009.

Paddington BID achieves British BIDs Accredited BID Status in April 2009.

Paddington BID celebrates the re-opening of Talbot Square Gardens in April 2009, after joint investment with Westminster City Council, English Heritage and TfL. Railings were returned to the square, new entrances created and the gardens landscaped.

The circus came to Paddington in August 2009 when the BID organised Circus in the Square, with acrobats, clowns, a big top, stalls and fair ground games and rides.

The BID launches a Paddington PubWatch scheme in August 2009.

Paddington BID installs Paddington’s first ever Christmas Lights in December 2009, switched on by Jonathan Ross and Paddington Bear, watched over by reindeer!


Paddington BID is renewed in October 2008, with an 83% majority.

Paddington BID’s Crossrail Business Liaison Panel holds its first meeting for businesses in November 2008.

Paddington BID, as part of Westminster City Council’s Civic Streets programme, contributes towards the paving, widening and relighting of Praed Street’s pavement in December 2008.

The BID completes the landscaping of 108-166 Sussex Gardens in August 2008, cleaning and re-planting the gardens and repairing and repainting the railings.

An event to celebrate the re-watering of Paddington Basin was hosted by the BID and local restaurants in September 2008, with music, remote controlled boats, games and fantastic dining offers.

The BID’s Party in Paddington series continues with live music, face painting, magic and a barbecue over two days in September 2008.

Candlelit carols take place in Norfolk Square in December 2008, with businesses providing winter warmers mulled wine and toasted chestnuts.


Paddington BID petitioned Parliament in respect of the Crossrail Bill and secured an undertaking to establish a dedicated business group, a Crossrail Liaison Panel – the only one of its kind in London – in February 2007.

Paddington BID launches its kerbside recycling service for businesses, the first of its kind in the UK in April 2007. It now collects from 200 businesses three times per week and recycles on average 81 tonnes per month.

Paddington BID’s CCTV system goes live in May 2007.

The BID launches Party in Paddington, a two day event of live music, dance demonstration and lessons, backed up with a barbecue, over two days in August 2007.


Paddington BID produces a planning and design guide for small businesses, the first of its kind with Westminster, in June 2006.

The BID continues with its What’s Your Flavour festival, hosting a two day dance event in August 2006 with Big Band and Salsa, accompanied by dining offers in surrounding hotels and restaurants.

A programme of Christmas-themed walks was topped off with candle-lit carol singing in Norfolk Square Gardens, organised by the BID in December 2006.


Paddington BID and Paddington Waterside Partnership enter a BID Management Agreement, for the Partnership to operate the BID on behalf of the BID Board, in April 2005.

Paddington BID is established following a ballot of businesses in February 2005, with 87% in favour. The BID goes live in April 2005 covering 36 streets and includes over 350 businesses.

Paddington BID’s Community Safety Team begins patrols in June 2005.

A stretch of Praed Street was improved by the BID in January 2005, removing advertising hoardings and installing planters to brighten up the area bound by St Mary’s hospital car park.

The BID introduced seasonal hanging baskets to Paddington in April 2005. The scheme now covers 10 streets and includes 90 baskets.

A second What’s Your Flavour event was held with music, dance and food on offer introduced in Paddington, with a series of five music concerts and dining offers at 46 eateries in Paddington throughout August 2005.